World Trade Center Bombings


On Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Terrorist attacked the World Trade Center towers in New York City with two hijacked USA passenger planes, and they attacked the Pentagon in Washington DC with another USA passenger plane.

I have reflected on these attacks with many different emotions. I have hurt, been mad, cried, been angry and every other emotion that just about all of America has gone through.

I have heard people say that "we should do nothing and show love to the people who orchestrated it" to "nuke their nations into a waste land". I have also heard from different Religious leaders and Christian people saying that "the US was being punished by God" to "turn their deserts in to glass with a nuclear bomb".

This attack hit close to home to me, no I don't live near the areas hit, but I have a cousin who worked on the 70th floor of the first WTC to be hit. She got out fine, and I have taken note of what she went through that day to share with you.

I have also been to New York City twice, once in the year of 2000 and and another time in 2001. I have many pictures that I have taken while in NYC of the WTC and they will follow on some of the next pages.

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